[Tips & Tacos 011] Forget Secks! Social Proof Sells!

Oct 19, 2021 | Tips and Tacos

​Happy Taco Tuesday! Want to know the 1 thing that works when it comes to marketing your product or service? Social Proof! People want to know that others have used your product or service and have gotten great results. That’s why when you visit some sites, they’ll show so and so from Anytown, USA just purchased this product 10 minutes ago. It’s like positive peer pressure. Now, what does this have to do with anything? A few months back, one of my Twitter friends started using Zapier (an automation tool) to send these automated celebration tweets. Whenever someone joined her program or submitted an application, she would send out these automated tweets like the one below. After some digging, I figured out that I could do the same using Zapier which connects my MemberPress WordPress plugin and Twitter to send these tweets. Even if you don’t use MemberPress, Zapier integrates with hundreds if not thousands of apps that you can use as a trigger for your celebration tweet. Are you scratching your head right now? No worries. I made a video tutorial showing you how to set this up. Plus if you’re a premium subscriber, you can copy this Zap to your own Zapier account to make things easier.

Watch the video tutorial here or below!


Tacos Forever,

Karmen K. | Director of Taco Relations

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