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Oct 26, 2021 | Tips and Tacos

Happy Taco Tuesday!

A few weeks ago, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp went down for hours. I’m sure you remember getting a bunch of emails telling you that you needed your own website for times like this.

Although I hate that everyone preaches this narrative when these apps go down, it’s still 100% true. The problem is that these people don’t tell you what your website NEEDS TO HAVE to make it successful (and profitable) even when the apps ARE working.

Well, that’s what I plan on sharing with you today. Here are 6 must-haves to help you create a conversion-focused and profitable website.

Your Own Domain Name and Professional Email Address

Don’t skip over this one! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen someone post a link to their site and it uses something like michellebrown.wixsites.com instead of michellebrown.com.

Not using your own domain name makes you look like an amateur in business. You also need your own domain name to set up a professional email address such hello@michellebrown.com instead of michellebrown@gmail.com

You can grab your own domain name and professional email account at domains.google.com. Domains typically run $11 per year, and professional email accounts are $6 per month per user. For $83/year, your business looks legit and trustworthy. Again, don’t skip this step.

Benefit-Driven Headline On Your Homepage

Most people that land on your website will likely end up on your home page first. When users arrive at your website you need to make it clear who you are, what you do, and who you help.

A benefit-driven headline does exactly that. It lets users know right away if you can provide what they’re looking for. Your headline should appear in the very first section on your homepage before the scroll (aka above the fold).

That very first section on a website’s home page is typically a hero section with a captivating image, large easy-to-read text, and a button to take action. See the example below.

Must-Have Website Pages

There are going to be 5 pages you need on your website. You can always have more, but these 4 are the most important.

About Page: This isn’t your life story page. It should qualify you to your target audience. I always recommend consulting with a conversion-focused copywriter to help you write the content for your about page.

Services Page:

If you offer services, then this one is a no-brainer. Your services page can act as the main menu for all of your services that you can later break down into individual landing pages. Be sure to include testimonials, your process, and a call-to-action for users to take the next step.

Blog Page: Blogging is a form of content marketing, and any marketer will tell you that it’s 100% worth it. Have you ever heard of HubSpot? If you’ve searched anything marketing-related on Google then it’s likely you’ve run across one of their blog posts. Once you’re on their site, you’ll probably end up browsing around their site longer than you expected. More time spent on your site = more conversions.

Contact Page: A contact page is a must, but I see it done wrong so many times. Have you ever landed on a contact page that makes you feel like you’ll never hear back? I have and there’s a way to avoid that. Your contact page should let users know how long before they expect to hear back from you. If you have a contact form then you should show a confirmation notice after submission or even send an automated email letting users know you received their submission.

Custom Brand Photography

Everyone uses stock photography on their websites and mostly from the same places. Your website and offers will stand out from your competitors with your own brand photography. Custom brand photography also shows your website users that you’re invested in your brand. It builds trust and confidence that you are who you say you are.

Lead Magnet Email Opt-in

There are few times where someone new to your brand sees investing in your product/service as a no-brainer. In most cases, they’ll visit your website and never return. Offering a lead magnet via an email opt-in is what allows you to keep in touch with your leads and convert them into customers with email marketing campaigns. Keep in mind that lead magnets such as PDFs and worksheets work, but using an interactive lead magnet such as a quiz typically leads to higher conversions.

Social Proof

When I used to design sites for clients, I would always include testimonials throughout the website as a form of social proof. Other forms of social proof could be a press reel that shows publications or companies that have featured your business. You can also create a Press page with links back to articles that have been written about your company.

Have you implemented any of these must-haves into your website? If so, then I’d love to know how they’re working for you. Also, feel free to reach out to me if you need any clarification on the website must-haves listed.


Tacos Forever,

Karmen K. | Director of Taco Relations

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