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Nov 9, 2021 | Tips and Tacos

Happy Taco Tuesday!

I hope you enjoyed the extra hour of rest this past Sunday from the Daylight Savings Time switch. If you didn’t know, DST is nature’s gentle reminder to change your smoke detector batteries. But really, is the extra hour of sleep worth it just for it to get dark at 5 pm?

So this week’s newsletter is a round-up of all the good things I’ve soaked up since last week’s email. Check it out ….

1. Are you for everybody?

Last Monday, I started my first full-time tech/marketing role as a Product Marketing Manager at LearnDash. What the heck is product marketing? In a nutshell, it’s serving the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Rightfully so, one of my first tasks in my new role was breaking down our target market into micro-segments. If you’re unfamiliar with segmentation then this article by Chris Lema is the perfect place to start. Long story short, the old way of pitching your product or service as “for everyone” just doesn’t work. Get specific, get results. You can see this in action with ConvertKit’s homepage.

2. Stop signing up for newsletters, and read the ones you’re already subscribed to

My good friend, business coach, and fellow Tips & Tacos subscriber Ryan Cox tweeted this last week, and it was right on time.

Just from Ryan’s advice, I’ve created an email folder in Gmail labeled “Newsletters,” and I’ve added a recurring task in my Asana to read anything in this folder on Wednesdays.

3. How I’m keeping up with important news and current events

I asked my Twitter community for a site or resource that provided a great round-up of current events, politics, business, tech, and other relevant news. I received several recommendations for the Morning Brew. It happens to be another newsletter (go figure), but definitely worth signing up for, in my opinion.

4. Never get caught off guard with subscription payment renewal again

Is your to-do list growing longer and your memory getting worse-er? Kyle over at The Admin Bar recommended Follow Up Then, a system that lets you automate all kinds of reminders via email. One of the things I liked most about Kyle’s rec is how he uses it to remind him about subscription renewals. Here’s a direct quote from him below:

“I’ve created a habit of forwarding any purchase receipt (specifically for products that will renew annually, like plugins) to “51weeks@followupthen.com”. This way, just before the renewal hits, I’ll get a quick reminder in my inbox.


I must have started doing this just about a year ago now, because this week I had two of these reminders hit my inbox and ended up canceling BOTH subscriptions.


What’s great about this system is you don’t have to leave your inbox, and it takes just a minute to set your follow-ups using their intuitive email addresses (like “51weeks@” or “3days@” or “EveryMonday@”).”

5. What’s better than a Taco Tuesday Happy Hour?

Get ready for monthly Q&A live sessions! After I announced on Twitter about my new job at LearnDash, I started getting a lot of DMs about my journey and specific questions on how others could transition into tech roles. I figured 1-on-1 consults are too time-consuming, so why not offer exclusive Q&A sessions for Tips & Tacos premium subs like you? So far, I’ve created a question submission form. Next, I’ll be working on setting up a community feature where we can chat and live stream. Let’s cross our fingers that we can have this operational and start sessions this upcoming January. In the meantime, feel free to submit any business and marketing questions here.

I’d like your feedback, please 🙏🏾

So what do you think of the round-up style of a newsletter? NGL (not gone lie), I really enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoyed reading it. Just reply to this email and let me know if you want to keep it this way.

Tacos Forever,

Karmen K | Director of Taco Relations

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