[Tips & Tacos 016] Who doesn’t love a Good Twitter thread?

Nov 23, 2021 | Tips and Tacos

We did it, Joe!

We made it to the week of Thanksgiving, which in my opinion is just a heavy build-up of anticipation to Black Friday. This week’s post is going to be a round-up of tips I think you’ll find useful.


1. Are you guilty of adding new features without marketing the ones you already have?

I don’t know why, but if a product/service isn’t selling well, a lot of us try to lower the price (1st big NO) or add on more features (2nd big NO).

Your audience doesn’t need another feature or sale. They want you to show them why the damn thing is useful in the first place. And for that reason, I think you’ll enjoy this article, Is Adding a New Feature Really The Right Move, by Chris Lema.

2. Who doesn’t love a Good Twitter thread?

Last week, I found an incredible round-up thread by @DTCNewsletter on Twitter that included 7 effective marketing strategies from getting the most out of your content to tripling your subscriptions. You can find the original thread here.

3. Black Friday Deals, anyone?

The WP Weekly has done an amazing job of sourcing the best Black Friday deals in the WordPress community. If there’s a WordPress plugin you’ve had your eye on then this is the perfect list to see if they’re offering a discount this year. You can check out the list here.

4. Freebie of the Week

This week, we’re showcasing The Site Blueprint Workbook. Premium subscribers get this free 40-page fillable PDF guide and workbook that helps you map out the pages and strategy of your website based on your business goals, the needs of your ideal clients, and your brand persona.

Grab a copy of this workbook here.

Tacos Forever,

Karmen K. | Director of Taco Relations

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